Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Green Tea Milkshakes!

So this morning, Bless, Trisha and I decided to use my macha green tea powder to make green tea milkshakes simply because we're all in freaking love with the thing. Green tea, I mean.

I'll start things off with a simple recipe. When I mean simple, I mean it. It's just really simple.


1 tbsp. of Macha green tea powder
2 tbsp. of condensed milk
1/4 cup of milk
and lots of ice

(we used Hello Kitty shaped ice cubes... if they're even cubes to begin with)

Then you put all of these in the blender and, well, blend them.

I like my photogenic arm. (yes that was uncalled for)

And when you've blended everything up, voila! You've got your green tea milkshakes that may or may not guarantee that you can bring all the boys to the yard... I should shut up.

Feel free to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on your drink to add a subtle kick.

and yes, Trisha managed to get a Starbucks cup for free.

Monday, November 19, 2012

FERAS (Day 2)

Yeah. I'll be blogging first about the second day of my high school fair instead of the first day being the first I blog about because... I can.

Before you guys get confused,  let me explain the situation. Every year my high school (MCHS) holds this three-day fair that raises school funds and gives the students a three day break from anything academic. The catch? Each class has to run a booth/stall. This year my class got the sushi booth which was kind of okay but then I ended up getting sick of sushi and smelling like "fish and magic" as stated by my hippie friend, Tonia. And there's a concert that goes until midnight on the second day of the fair (which I've already blogged about here).

Okay, being honest, I found the second day more interesting rather than the first because there wasn't any hassle to dress up in a costume (yes wearing costumes on the first day of the fair is tradition. and yeah I kinda go all out on my costumes but don't blame me it's super fun) or even pretty yourself. Well, unless you invited your crush or some shit to go with you to the fair then go ahead and pretty yourself up. 

Me being me, I didn't invite any boylaloo (or girlaloo for that matter) to go with me to the fair so I didn't dress up... "much". Well if you guys consider something akin to a cropped sweater and a chiffon skirt as dressing up then I must have one jacked up sense of dressing myself.

  shirt: Elan (a brand for Papemelroti)| purse: Dior|

 I ended up just spending the day with my friends, promoting the sushi booth and obviously shopping until my wallet was 987,654,321 times lighter. I'll be posting a haul post soon after I post the pictures from days one & two of the fair.

And that's basically what I love most about the fair, the stalls and new things you get to find and occasionally (translated: frequently) buy.

Benefit products
Elan products
a ring from Elan that completely described my l y f .
Nifty neon bracelets from Girl Shoppe
And that's pretty much it. All the pictures in this post, save for the title photo, is by the ever amazing Trisha Sulit

Once again I will be posting next about FERAS Day 1 and a haul post of what I got from the school fair. Now here's a picture of me with Four Directions aka male teachers from my school who decided to form a band that was geographically acccurate (hence, the North, East, West and South shirts... featuring the point of Origin.)

A u   r e v o i r .

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Winter is Coming. (OOTD)

As the title highly suggests, this blog post will be centered on one thing:

Game of Thrones.

I know. I don't seem like the type to be into this kind of stuff because, hello! My brain only thinks of cotton candy clouds, strawberry sprinkled doughnuts and dancing gummy bears. Why would I let something as angsty and tragedic as Game of Thrones pervade that safe little comfort zone of mine?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all blame the sadistic genius that is George Martin.

Okay, I'll admit that I'm not entirely comfortable with what GoT has to offer such as murder and torture and blood. Whooboy I hate blood. Those kinds of things never sat well with me. But what I AM interested in is the political aspect of the show as well as its amazing set of characters. I mean, let's admit it. It's the characters (and well yeah the plot) that makes you tolerate all that morbidness of the show. Not that I'm hating on GoT but it's true. From the Starks to the Lannisters, they're all fascinating. Another great thing about GoT is how George Martin was able to visualize such a vivid setting as that of the world of GoT. I mean, WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT OF THAT?

Okay, geek talk aside, GoT is also very visually enticing. Props to HBO for making such a great show. I mean, just look at Daenerys and Drogo and Arya and heck even Joffrey. Their costumes and makeup really project what kind of characters they are and what their identities are and frankly, it's amazing.

I've always had a penchant for costumery which would explain the very "dress up" OOTDs I've been posting... Which would be everything. Haha.

So for this blog entry, I decided to do what GoT has done successfully and try to project one of my favorite character's...personality through my outfit for today. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: Sansa Stark.

GoT fans would probably think that I'm wrong in the head or that I haven't watched enough episodes as to choose Sansa Stark as one of my favorite characters. Well, I agree with both statements. The thing is, I love her because she has such amazing character development and I guess I feel more catharsis for her than any of the other characters. Yes even Jon Snow. But I heart him so much.

Sansa is in all senses, lady like, sophisticated, and just a tad bit silly. Silly as in your typical "spoiled brat omg a cute guy i want to marry" kind of silly. But she really does become more aware that life isn't perfect as the story progresses and as she's thrown into an abusive marriage with Joffrey (yous sonofagun) and frankly, I find it beautiful and sad.

White shirt: MANGO Basics| Grey jacket: Just G.| Shorts: Kamiseta| Ballet flats: Just G.|

(I took some pictures as Sansa's direwolf, Lady. lol.)

Okay, so to project her femininity and sense of elegance in my outfit, I opted for a pastel palette with really muted colors such as grey and white and to show her femininity, I opted for pink (duh). For accessories, I had this really gigantic bow at the back of my head which you can't really see and a medieval like bangle. I added the pink ruffled necklace later on.

So I got two pictures from my Tumblr  account that would sort of embody my color scheme as well as set the mood for the whole outfit. I really wanted to project a sense of naivety as well and I'm not really sure if I did that well.

Lily Cole in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Nina Agdal, by fashion photographer Rick Delgado for LRL.
The 20 year old Danish model, who won the Rookie of the Year-award this year in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, is suddenly appearing almost everywhere in lingerie and swimsuit photoshoots and is also one of the newest additions to Victoria’s Secret.

Okay, I'm good. I typed like, three-fourths of this blog entry on an iPad. I'm pretty knackered.

Now excuse me as I go off to sleep. Next blog post will probably be about my birthday which was... a week ago? Yep. Okay, au revoir!

Much love!

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Really Do "Want U Back". (Casual take) (OOTD + life updates)

Hey guys! I'm a freaking out a little bit today... just a little bit. Apparently tomorrow's the day of the first of a series of College Entrance Exams that I'm going to have to take and well, I'm nervous. I for one know that in the West, you all take your SATs. Well, here in my country, we take CETs which are college entrance exams wherein the applicants have to apply in the schools they want to study in and take an exam per school that will determine whether they will be admitted into the university or not. So you guys can pretty much see why I'm freaking out. My whole future is at stake here.

Anyway, I'm blogging today to sort of calm myself as well as to update you guys and this blog. Once again, forgive me for my inconsistent updates. School's been really hectic as usual.

 So most of you may or may not have read my previous "Want U Back" inspired outfit post. Well, looking back I thought that the outfit was really... formal per se so I decided to show you guys yet another outfit that I have concocted and wore, still inspired by Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" US version.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I was using a not automatic DLSR which I borrowed from my good friend Trisha so I wasn't able to tell whether the pictures were blurry or not.

Shirt: Islands Souvenirs (from Boracay| Skirt: I Love H81| Cotton Jacket: Kamiseta| Heels: CLN| 

Haha, I love my new nail polish colour. (#applegreenanyone?)

I really love this outfit. Especially because of the colors (nail polish included)! So to get this look, I'd advise you guys to get a sort of ombre orange shirt or something really orange with a really cool print. As for the skirt, it actually has black polka dots to complement the black writing on the shirt. You can't really see it in the picture but it's there. So that's really the key to getting a "Want U Back" look. PRINTS... and an undercut hairdo but you guys don't have to do that.

Despite that, I played it easy with my shoes, opting for a really basic white strapped heels with dark wood heels. Does it seem too painful to walk around in? Opt for flats or sandals that have solid colors and no designs. The barer the shoes, the better. Well, just for this outfit because you don't want to overdo it.

Keep the accessories minimal but ginormous for an even better retro feel. For this outfit I used my tiger bangle and a round and chunky wooden bracelet.

And remember, the best accessory for this outfit is a smile! And play it a little fierce like Cher herself.

Aside from that long delayed outfit post, what are the updates updates updates on my life? Well, I've made it a priority from now on after I finish my entrance exams to fix this blog of mine. But before that, I needed to rearrange my physical space. Mainly, my bedroom.

It's been really cluttered for a really long time but after reading lots of my mom's "lifestyle and home" magazines, I decided that I really did need to makeover my room.

The result? 

My room has never been this clean.

 The other half of my room still isn't done though. There's a corner stacked with junk that I have to sort out and I'm still saving money to get huge canvases to paint on and place on my wall. I love painting.

 Anywho, that's all for this post. Wish me luck for tomorrow and follow/comment/share my blog!

Much love,

@ChlorineStyles ;)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspiration post + My deepest apologies.

As the title of this blog post says, I am super sorry for not being able to update since May. Why? My classes have resumed once more and I no longer find enough time to take pictures and type articles for you guys, which I really am sorry for.

School has been... hectic, nonetheless. My school adapted this new system and it's really draining. 

So updates on my life? I'm taking up French classes and my electives class is fashion design. And my electives teacher and I have the same name. Only my name's spelled with a "C". (Hi Miss Korinne. I love your hair, btw!)

So this blog post isn't necessarily an outfit post or a critique or review of anything. It's just pictures of my Tumblr Archive during the month of May that would serve as some sort of inspiration board for me seeing that it's like an accurate representation of the creative processes of my brain. My brain thinks of Allison Harvard? Yes it does.

So I'm sorry if I couldn't share anything more with you guys seeing how my schedule is BOOKED. Especially with all these upcoming college entrance tests! Gosh. So I have to set my priorities straight and getting into the college I want is at the top of my priority list. (#ADMU)

That's all for now guys, but I really hope you understand my plight, dear readers. Much love! <3

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Young Blood (OOTD)

I first found out about "The Naked and Famous" when my friends Bless and Mia came over at my house for a sleepover that never pushed through. Young Blood was the first song I've ever heard from TNAF and needless to say, I loved it.

So that's pretty much my inspiration for my outfit for today. I have to admit, the song really didn't strike me at first because I really couldn't understand what the singer was saying (lol i'm sorry tnaf fans.) but after I read the lyrics on the internet, I definitely was hooked.

The lyrics of the song talk about, obviously, the shenanigans as well as the mindset of the youth today. The songs describes perfectly how most of us are just wandering individuals looking for some sort of purpose as seen in the lines "The motive changes like the wind/ hard to control when it begins" as well as "Trying to find the in-between."

But the lyric that struck me the most was "Can't help myself but count the flaws." Which is a truth entirely. We've all gone or still going through some sort of "God-I-hate-myself" phase. Even I have.

"Young Blood" is such an inspiration. I've used it as a main idea in most of my art and I still am. So I decided to use it as the main inspiration for my outfit for today. Which I may or may not wear when I go laser-tagging with my friends tomorrow (well, I probably will).

  Cream inner shirt, MANGO| Brown sweater, MANGO| Jeans, BAYO| Tribal headpiece, souvenir from Africa/India (bad memory, lol.)| Bracelet, Boracay| Make up: Lipstick- NYX (LSS 577, Very Berry); Lip liner- NYX (844 Deep Red); Foundation- Shiseido; Blush- NYX (PB 15, Stone); Eyeliner- The Body Shop|

So yeah, I pretty much had to stand up on a chair for you guys to stop myself from having to hold up my shoes to the camera just so that you guys can see it. And, I'm terribly sorry if I couldn't remember from which country I got the headpiece from. My parents bought it for me when I was five or six years old and it's just now that it could actually fit my head. Hahaw.

For my make up I wanted something a little... fierce? Thus the heavy eyeliner. The lipstick was an on the spot decision though! I was supposed to use a lighter and pink shade but oh well. I bought the NYX lipstick last December with my friends Grasha and Caren and buying it was an on the spot decision as well :)


So thanks for reading! 

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