Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amy Winehouse FEVERRRR. (Plus the new Fred Perry Spring 2012 collection.)

I am a SUPER fan of Amy Winehouse. I don't think there hasn't gone a day wherein I don't listen to at least one of her songs (you know, unless of course my ipod runs out of battery and I get too tired to charge it.). So, being the lovable fan I am, my eyes popped right out of their sockets when I found out that Fred Perry had an Amy Winehouse themed clothing line. I was nonetheless brimming with happiness while I was checking out the designs, but I've got a few comments regarding the designs.

I don't think the collection exactly captured the essence of Amy's Miami-themed style. Especially the plain and simple pastel pink cardigan. Amy Winehouse' style is one that stands out from the crowd and not to mention extremely sexy, but after seeing such plain and (forgive me for saying this Fred Perry) dull designs, I just can't help but feel a tad bit disappointed with the outcome. I know that the clothes still had to have that "Fred Perry" vibe, but perhaps they could have used a little more "oomph" to them. Though there were some parts of the collection that made me a downer, I thoroughly liked those that made use of the Amy Winehouse themed print. The pattern was playful and whimsical. It had this really cute yet raw feeling to it. Kudos to that. My favorite part of the collection was the tie-up printed shirt, the high waisted turn-up shorts, and the pedal pushers. The handbag was pretty cute too.

So these are my favorite designs from the collection:

Some Amy love :)

Her previous collection from Fred Perry:

And that concludes it for this blog post. Now, I shall go back to black for my exams start tomorrow. Wish me luck! :)


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Sunday, December 4, 2011

My current love.

Wooden bracelets

mean the


to me

for they 

remind me

of someone


and dear

to my


(plus, they're tiny & adorable wooden circles on an elastic string, how could one not like them)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Psyching myself. (I think it's working)

I've been "brain dead" lately so I Googled me up some images so I can give myself an idea of  psychedelic themed ensembles to sketch. e.g. Versace's Spring 2010 collection (3rd image below).

 I may not know what show this is, but I like his funky necktie.

The Beatles, perfectly enjoying their Yellow Submarine. And their colorful military outfits. (Woot woot! Paul McCartney in blue!)

Versace's Spring 2010 collection. I love it. (sighs)

Yes, I take inspiration from comic books. Whooptyfriggindoo. (You can't hate on their primary colored costumes.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Le Fashion History in Le School.

As of now I'm drinking a steaming cup of hot vanilla while taking a little time to write about what happened during our Home Economics class last Thursday.

WE TALKED ABOUT FASHION. Asdfghjkl-- I've actually been waiting for this topic for... ever since my sister told me that Fashion Designing was going to be part of the third year curriculum.

So we talked a lot about how fashion was a big influence and exactly what were the factors that influenced fashion. After that we discussed fashion history. I was practically doing somersaults with my friend Bless when we started discussing Coco Chanel and the flower power and psychedelic eras (thus the reason why this blog's name is "flower child" le duh). And after that we had an activity wherein we had to design an outfit using elements from specific periods in fashion history.
 So down below is my design:

So I gathered elements from the following eras: Victorian, Psychedelic, 1960s. 

I know it's not much but I think I did an okay job on this one :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Julien Macdonald Craze! (as of the moment)

I am a fan of Julien Macdonald (though Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and Givenchy have a very special place in my heart). Why? Julien Macdonald's style is something that I can appreciate. It's classy and elegant, yet at the same time there's this edgy feel to it. I also admire the color schemes of his dresses & ensembles as they range from nude colors to very dark shades. And I love how he incorporates eye-popping vibrant colors to his collections every now and then. His works are truly amazing. 

So today I felt a little "critique-y" and compared his 2010 & 2011 fall/winter collections to one another. 

 As you noticed, in his 2010-2011 collection, light colors and nude tones seemed very prevalent giving off a floaty feel. I really admired the white fur coat that stopped mid-thigh (but I'm not necessarily a fan of the usage of fur). The designs in this collection defined simplicity and elegance and were, not to mention, very sexy. They also had this earthy and country atmosphere about them.

On the other hand, his 2011-2012 winter/fall collection seemed to be the opposite of his previous one. "Rough" or perhaps "Strong" seemed to be the key idea for these designs becausse I certianly felt that. Even though the outfits in the collection gave off an edgy rock and roll vibe, I sensed a bit of glamor in them. I especially loved the Victorian inspired details to his dresses.

Both collections were great but I admired the first collection better. It was pleasing to the eye and the concept is overall good.

Well, that's just my opinion. Any thoughts about the matter? Comments? Opinions? I'd be glad if you'd share them

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So I got bored...

...and put up this little outfit together. I think it's a quaint little thing. I like it... I think I do anyway ho ho ho.

I especially love my shoes here. Red platforms are winning! I actually got them for a really good price. The brand was "New New Shoes" I think, which is pretty ironic seeing that I got them at a thrift store. Hardy har har.
Any suggestions? Comments are very much welcome :)

Ollo there.

So yeah, I'm pretty much new here and I'm prolly going to be poking around a lot at first so... nyahaha. I'll post some stuff later on tho' (by later on I mean like, ten seconds later or so)! :)