Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspiration post + My deepest apologies.

As the title of this blog post says, I am super sorry for not being able to update since May. Why? My classes have resumed once more and I no longer find enough time to take pictures and type articles for you guys, which I really am sorry for.

School has been... hectic, nonetheless. My school adapted this new system and it's really draining. 

So updates on my life? I'm taking up French classes and my electives class is fashion design. And my electives teacher and I have the same name. Only my name's spelled with a "C". (Hi Miss Korinne. I love your hair, btw!)

So this blog post isn't necessarily an outfit post or a critique or review of anything. It's just pictures of my Tumblr Archive during the month of May that would serve as some sort of inspiration board for me seeing that it's like an accurate representation of the creative processes of my brain. My brain thinks of Allison Harvard? Yes it does.

So I'm sorry if I couldn't share anything more with you guys seeing how my schedule is BOOKED. Especially with all these upcoming college entrance tests! Gosh. So I have to set my priorities straight and getting into the college I want is at the top of my priority list. (#ADMU)

That's all for now guys, but I really hope you understand my plight, dear readers. Much love! <3

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