Sunday, August 19, 2012

Winter is Coming. (OOTD)

As the title highly suggests, this blog post will be centered on one thing:

Game of Thrones.

I know. I don't seem like the type to be into this kind of stuff because, hello! My brain only thinks of cotton candy clouds, strawberry sprinkled doughnuts and dancing gummy bears. Why would I let something as angsty and tragedic as Game of Thrones pervade that safe little comfort zone of mine?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all blame the sadistic genius that is George Martin.

Okay, I'll admit that I'm not entirely comfortable with what GoT has to offer such as murder and torture and blood. Whooboy I hate blood. Those kinds of things never sat well with me. But what I AM interested in is the political aspect of the show as well as its amazing set of characters. I mean, let's admit it. It's the characters (and well yeah the plot) that makes you tolerate all that morbidness of the show. Not that I'm hating on GoT but it's true. From the Starks to the Lannisters, they're all fascinating. Another great thing about GoT is how George Martin was able to visualize such a vivid setting as that of the world of GoT. I mean, WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT OF THAT?

Okay, geek talk aside, GoT is also very visually enticing. Props to HBO for making such a great show. I mean, just look at Daenerys and Drogo and Arya and heck even Joffrey. Their costumes and makeup really project what kind of characters they are and what their identities are and frankly, it's amazing.

I've always had a penchant for costumery which would explain the very "dress up" OOTDs I've been posting... Which would be everything. Haha.

So for this blog entry, I decided to do what GoT has done successfully and try to project one of my favorite character's...personality through my outfit for today. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: Sansa Stark.

GoT fans would probably think that I'm wrong in the head or that I haven't watched enough episodes as to choose Sansa Stark as one of my favorite characters. Well, I agree with both statements. The thing is, I love her because she has such amazing character development and I guess I feel more catharsis for her than any of the other characters. Yes even Jon Snow. But I heart him so much.

Sansa is in all senses, lady like, sophisticated, and just a tad bit silly. Silly as in your typical "spoiled brat omg a cute guy i want to marry" kind of silly. But she really does become more aware that life isn't perfect as the story progresses and as she's thrown into an abusive marriage with Joffrey (yous sonofagun) and frankly, I find it beautiful and sad.

White shirt: MANGO Basics| Grey jacket: Just G.| Shorts: Kamiseta| Ballet flats: Just G.|

(I took some pictures as Sansa's direwolf, Lady. lol.)

Okay, so to project her femininity and sense of elegance in my outfit, I opted for a pastel palette with really muted colors such as grey and white and to show her femininity, I opted for pink (duh). For accessories, I had this really gigantic bow at the back of my head which you can't really see and a medieval like bangle. I added the pink ruffled necklace later on.

So I got two pictures from my Tumblr  account that would sort of embody my color scheme as well as set the mood for the whole outfit. I really wanted to project a sense of naivety as well and I'm not really sure if I did that well.

Lily Cole in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Nina Agdal, by fashion photographer Rick Delgado for LRL.
The 20 year old Danish model, who won the Rookie of the Year-award this year in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, is suddenly appearing almost everywhere in lingerie and swimsuit photoshoots and is also one of the newest additions to Victoria’s Secret.

Okay, I'm good. I typed like, three-fourths of this blog entry on an iPad. I'm pretty knackered.

Now excuse me as I go off to sleep. Next blog post will probably be about my birthday which was... a week ago? Yep. Okay, au revoir!

Much love!


  1. you are so cute!love that shorts!

  2. love the bracelet! followed you, hope you can follow back!

    1. really great pictures darling!!!!

  3. Really pretty outfit! :)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my post for more info:


  4. The shorts are really sexy, and the flats, they are grey, right?