Monday, November 19, 2012

FERAS (Day 2)

Yeah. I'll be blogging first about the second day of my high school fair instead of the first day being the first I blog about because... I can.

Before you guys get confused,  let me explain the situation. Every year my high school (MCHS) holds this three-day fair that raises school funds and gives the students a three day break from anything academic. The catch? Each class has to run a booth/stall. This year my class got the sushi booth which was kind of okay but then I ended up getting sick of sushi and smelling like "fish and magic" as stated by my hippie friend, Tonia. And there's a concert that goes until midnight on the second day of the fair (which I've already blogged about here).

Okay, being honest, I found the second day more interesting rather than the first because there wasn't any hassle to dress up in a costume (yes wearing costumes on the first day of the fair is tradition. and yeah I kinda go all out on my costumes but don't blame me it's super fun) or even pretty yourself. Well, unless you invited your crush or some shit to go with you to the fair then go ahead and pretty yourself up. 

Me being me, I didn't invite any boylaloo (or girlaloo for that matter) to go with me to the fair so I didn't dress up... "much". Well if you guys consider something akin to a cropped sweater and a chiffon skirt as dressing up then I must have one jacked up sense of dressing myself.

  shirt: Elan (a brand for Papemelroti)| purse: Dior|

 I ended up just spending the day with my friends, promoting the sushi booth and obviously shopping until my wallet was 987,654,321 times lighter. I'll be posting a haul post soon after I post the pictures from days one & two of the fair.

And that's basically what I love most about the fair, the stalls and new things you get to find and occasionally (translated: frequently) buy.

Benefit products
Elan products
a ring from Elan that completely described my l y f .
Nifty neon bracelets from Girl Shoppe
And that's pretty much it. All the pictures in this post, save for the title photo, is by the ever amazing Trisha Sulit

Once again I will be posting next about FERAS Day 1 and a haul post of what I got from the school fair. Now here's a picture of me with Four Directions aka male teachers from my school who decided to form a band that was geographically acccurate (hence, the North, East, West and South shirts... featuring the point of Origin.)

A u   r e v o i r .