Friday, August 3, 2012

I Really Do "Want U Back". (Casual take) (OOTD + life updates)

Hey guys! I'm a freaking out a little bit today... just a little bit. Apparently tomorrow's the day of the first of a series of College Entrance Exams that I'm going to have to take and well, I'm nervous. I for one know that in the West, you all take your SATs. Well, here in my country, we take CETs which are college entrance exams wherein the applicants have to apply in the schools they want to study in and take an exam per school that will determine whether they will be admitted into the university or not. So you guys can pretty much see why I'm freaking out. My whole future is at stake here.

Anyway, I'm blogging today to sort of calm myself as well as to update you guys and this blog. Once again, forgive me for my inconsistent updates. School's been really hectic as usual.

 So most of you may or may not have read my previous "Want U Back" inspired outfit post. Well, looking back I thought that the outfit was really... formal per se so I decided to show you guys yet another outfit that I have concocted and wore, still inspired by Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" US version.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I was using a not automatic DLSR which I borrowed from my good friend Trisha so I wasn't able to tell whether the pictures were blurry or not.

Shirt: Islands Souvenirs (from Boracay| Skirt: I Love H81| Cotton Jacket: Kamiseta| Heels: CLN| 

Haha, I love my new nail polish colour. (#applegreenanyone?)

I really love this outfit. Especially because of the colors (nail polish included)! So to get this look, I'd advise you guys to get a sort of ombre orange shirt or something really orange with a really cool print. As for the skirt, it actually has black polka dots to complement the black writing on the shirt. You can't really see it in the picture but it's there. So that's really the key to getting a "Want U Back" look. PRINTS... and an undercut hairdo but you guys don't have to do that.

Despite that, I played it easy with my shoes, opting for a really basic white strapped heels with dark wood heels. Does it seem too painful to walk around in? Opt for flats or sandals that have solid colors and no designs. The barer the shoes, the better. Well, just for this outfit because you don't want to overdo it.

Keep the accessories minimal but ginormous for an even better retro feel. For this outfit I used my tiger bangle and a round and chunky wooden bracelet.

And remember, the best accessory for this outfit is a smile! And play it a little fierce like Cher herself.

Aside from that long delayed outfit post, what are the updates updates updates on my life? Well, I've made it a priority from now on after I finish my entrance exams to fix this blog of mine. But before that, I needed to rearrange my physical space. Mainly, my bedroom.

It's been really cluttered for a really long time but after reading lots of my mom's "lifestyle and home" magazines, I decided that I really did need to makeover my room.

The result? 

My room has never been this clean.

 The other half of my room still isn't done though. There's a corner stacked with junk that I have to sort out and I'm still saving money to get huge canvases to paint on and place on my wall. I love painting.

 Anywho, that's all for this post. Wish me luck for tomorrow and follow/comment/share my blog!

Much love,

@ChlorineStyles ;)


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  7. You are so lucky to have a room like that - I wish mine was just as nice! Not really a fan of Cher Lloyd but I love your outfit!