Thursday, March 22, 2012

Viscaria: Junior Prom 2012

Sorry for not posting so much! School's been really hectic but it's summer now so I'm freeeee!

Anyway, I just had my prom last February and it's honestly a unique experience. It wasn't really THAT amazing and it's really not as awesome as it's worked up to be but it was pretty  fine. I don't know, maybe that's just me. But I mostly blame the fact that I am a socially constipated fifteen year old whose love life has died over and over again from pining after British pop stars... okay, maybe I'm overreacting. I'd like to clarify that my social life is normal, thank you very much. I'm not letting you guys think I'm gonna grow up becoming a lonely cat lady. That ain't how I roooll. But what I can say about my very first and probably only prom experience is that it was fun... I guess?

So anyway my date and me were set up by my mom and her best friend because my mom insisted that I needed to bring a date seeing that it was "a once in a lifetime experience", which is true actually but I like pretending that it isn't cause I really wanted to go stag. That and all the guys I know are douches and live far far away from me. But my date, named Gio, turned out to be a really cool guy who's into basketball and really nice music and is really, really tall. HI, GIO.  (lol he'll never read this blog. i'll never let hiiiiim.)

The prom itself was okay. The food was good, the music was horrible, I don't get why they made us have a grand entrance that played tacky game show music at the background, BUT THE DESERT WAS AMAZAZING. AMAY-ZA-ZING.

If you're wondering if I slow danced, I did. No more questions.

So after the prom I was so tired that my date just brought me home. Haha, sorry, Gio. I MUST BE SO LAME. But he gave me this beautiful bouquet of carnations.

So me being the fashion illustration obsessed freak I am, I designed my prom gown. It was actually very easy to come up with designs for my gown because the theme was something that I had ample knowledge about. What was the theme of our lovely-lovely prom, you may ask? VINTAGE VICTORIAN! So I Googled Victorian gowns as well as 1920's dresses and Audrey Hepburn gowns. After doing so much research, I came up with this design that was basically a full peach colored sheer gown (with a beige lining underneath) with a short trail and a beaded collar as well a thin beaded belt. The bottom part of the dress was very reminiscent of a waterfall skirt; something that's really in now, so the gown sort of gives off a "vintage meets 21st century" kind of vibe.

The design:

Then I sent the design to my aunt, Emmy Garcia-Reyes who runs Trajes Manila. She is so amazing because she beautifully executed the gown the way I imagined it to be.

The outcome:

I know, my body is disgusting. Bleh. I paired the gown with these blush colored heels from Steve Madden which were really comfortable to walk around with for a few hours. I've always wanted heels like them and I was super lucky to have gotten them with their price marked down! My mom lent me some of her vintage accessories as well as her vintage lace pouch with stringed pearls as its handle.

My hair was curled and pulled back like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Then we added these really pretty bobby pins inlaid with roses from "Accessorize".

In the end, going to prom was worth it so I'm glad I didn't miss out :)