Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Want You Back? (OOTD)

Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a "brat". But no not a spoiled brat or anything. I'm a Cher kind of brat. Simply put, I'm a Cher Lloyd fan which I find totally weird because I grew up listening to 'The Marvelettes' and 'Swing Out Sisters' and Tony Bennet. To simply find myself taking a liking to a rising mainstream pop icon, it's weird for me (but yes I also do like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and One Direction but that's about it). But Cher is absolutely different from the popstars we have now in the music industry. She takes her music up to a whole new level and her album is just, amazing. Recommended songs? Over The Moon, Superhero and Dub On Track (she sings along to dubstep. how nifty is that?)

But it's not just Cher's music that attracted me to her, it's also her fashion sense. It's un-bee-lee-vah-ble. 

So this outfit post is pretty much inspired by her recent music video: 'Want U Back' (US Version).

I love-love-love the music video. It's such a beautiful homage to the 80's and it's so colorful and loud and visually appealing that it leaves me so inspired. I swearsz. After watching the music video, I started looking for retro-themed pieces and orange blouses.

For my outfit, I took the key elements from Cher's outfit, mainly the orange printed blouse and the vibrant blue as well as her leather shorts and her undercut styled hair, her pinkish-red lips and came up with a more formal and classic looking outfit.


 Blouse: BAYO| Shoes: Steve Madden| Skirt: Made by my aunt| Makeup: Lipstick- Estee Lauder (Rosewood); Eyeshadow- Fashion 21 Color Set; Blush-on- Maybelline|

I got my blouse while I was shopping with my mom, sister and grandma (a girls' day out I suppose.) and we stopped by one of my favorite local stores, BAYO, and on one of the mannequins I saw the beautiful orange blouse that had such a beautiful cream collar. It's print contrasted the base color of the fabric so amazingly that I knew it was the staple piece I was looking for. Nonetheless, I bought it. Sometimes I swear these things happen by fate. (trust and pixie dust? no? okay.)

All-in-all I really love this outfit and I'm looking forward to an occasion when I can use it. (maybe a Cher Lloyd concert? who knows?)

But that's all for now! Please comment, follow and share my blog! ;) Peace out!

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