Monday, June 4, 2012

First aid kits for a friend. (OOTD)

 By friend I mean you Bless. Yes, you. I know you're gonna be reading this once I link it to you.


Anyway, as the title implies, this post is dedicated to a lovely friend of mine named Bless, an amazing and beautiful individual (and by now i bet you guys are thinking that "amazing" and "beautiful" are the only words in my descriptive vocabulary. well they are, okay?) who constantly inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and think out of the box.

I've gone through a TON of tribulations with this girl that sometimes I look back and replay all the drama we've caused and found ourselves in (i'm not sharing anything). Despite that, I have no qualms about meeting her and she has proved to become someone who I can trust wholeheartedly.

I'm a bit dramatic am I not? :)

Aside from being such an inspiring person, she also has a very excellent taste in art and music. So a normal thing that we do is send one another links of music videos and songs that we like or see on YouTube and most of the videos she sends me all have this ethereal feeling to them.

Aren't they all such visual and musical candy?

Yes they are.

So what I did to piece this together was to get the general mood of the videos and try to project that in my outfit. The general atmosphere is definitely "dreamy" as my friend would say so as well as floaty and whimsical. The colour palette mainly consists of neutral colors as well pale and light ones with a touch of warm colors here and there.

Blouse, BAYO| Shoes, Steve Madden| 

And what's funny is that I bought that skirt with my friend so I decided that exhibiting it for the first time in a blog post dedicated to her was just the right time to show it to you guys. 

I bought this in this sale that the college part of the school I go to was having. I was actually planning to buy this pale pink blouse that I had my eye on the day before I bought this skirt but then someone had purchased it ahead of me. DON'T YOU GUYS JUST FIND THAT FRUSTRATING?

So out of my unbridled shopping frustration, I bought this skirt which was 200 pesos more expensive than the blouse I had wanted to purchase. The lesson? It's healthy to go rage shopping only if you want your whole week's allowance to go down the drain.

So Bless, here's meddling with the supernatural, breaking the status quo and rolling in grass and dirt as well as watering it. Happy almost one year of friendship! :)


  1. oh wow you not only have great taste in styling but also in music! i´m always looking for new bands so thank you for sharing them!
    love and kiss,mary

    1. Thank you! I'm very touched! I thank my friend a LOT for my growing taste in music ;)

  2. Thank you so much for following! You have amazing taste in music!

    1. You're welcome! I have my friend to thank for that :D