Friday, November 11, 2011

Julien Macdonald Craze! (as of the moment)

I am a fan of Julien Macdonald (though Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and Givenchy have a very special place in my heart). Why? Julien Macdonald's style is something that I can appreciate. It's classy and elegant, yet at the same time there's this edgy feel to it. I also admire the color schemes of his dresses & ensembles as they range from nude colors to very dark shades. And I love how he incorporates eye-popping vibrant colors to his collections every now and then. His works are truly amazing. 

So today I felt a little "critique-y" and compared his 2010 & 2011 fall/winter collections to one another. 

 As you noticed, in his 2010-2011 collection, light colors and nude tones seemed very prevalent giving off a floaty feel. I really admired the white fur coat that stopped mid-thigh (but I'm not necessarily a fan of the usage of fur). The designs in this collection defined simplicity and elegance and were, not to mention, very sexy. They also had this earthy and country atmosphere about them.

On the other hand, his 2011-2012 winter/fall collection seemed to be the opposite of his previous one. "Rough" or perhaps "Strong" seemed to be the key idea for these designs becausse I certianly felt that. Even though the outfits in the collection gave off an edgy rock and roll vibe, I sensed a bit of glamor in them. I especially loved the Victorian inspired details to his dresses.

Both collections were great but I admired the first collection better. It was pleasing to the eye and the concept is overall good.

Well, that's just my opinion. Any thoughts about the matter? Comments? Opinions? I'd be glad if you'd share them

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